Taiping Nice Food Part 1 - Curry Asam Noodles

Thomas Lee Wai Kong Thomas

Beside beautiful scenery, Taiping also famous with NICE FOOD.
Our first stop at Taiping Food Court, suppose to taste the famous Chee Cheong Fun, but too bad it only open on morning session. So we try the Taiping's curry noodle and asam laksa there.

Taiping Curry Asam Laksa

The food court is the result of moving most of the street hawkers off the streets and centralise them... A section of the food court is segregated for muslim food... There are many stalls thats sells all kinds of Chinese hawker food... ranging from seafood to noodles soups...

taiping food court

B-27, this was the stall we visited for our lunched. By asking the local, we knew the curry mee, asam laksa were nice. All food there ranging from RM 2.40 only. Cheap right? I am sure we can't get such price at Kuala  Lumpur.

Taiping Curry Noodle

Curry Laksa Mee – a must try, thick curry soup with generous cockles.

Taiping Asam Laksa

Asam Laksa..Spicy and Sour..


Dry Noodle..taste bit differ from those in Kuala Lumpur




Beside this B-29, my friend also order a shark meat noodle, it taste good as well and only cost RM 5. The shark meat taste very fresh and the soup is sweet and nice too.

To locate this food court, it is easy, just beside Jalan Panggung Wayang and behind the Taiping Balai  Bomba.

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Stay tune for the Chee Cheong Fun on part 2.

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