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Putrajaya Wetland Park or Taman Wetland Putrajaya is a place to breathe the fresh air while walking with friends or biking while having a time out with the kids whilst catching a glimpse of the birds. Putrajaya Wetland plays the role to ensure the suitability of the waters of Putrajaya Lake to be utilized by human being for various recreational activities. If the natural wetland is considered as the planet's kidney with thousand of benefits, the Putrajaya Wetland also serves the exact functionality and benefits. This largest man-made wetland in Malaysia comprises of 138 hectares of Wetland Park and 197 hectares of wetland area. Here, the inspiration of God's nature is translated into a spread of natural treasures that are decorated with the diversity of flora and fauna.

Everything you wish to know about wetland is here..

What's a wetland? Is there any other wetland in Malaysia? Through the Nature Interpretation Centre at Putrajaya Wetland Park, they gather information on the history and development of Malaysian wetland. From the flora and fauna to crafts, there are absolutely loads for you to explore here.

The parking space beside the information centre, you can park your car here if you plan to rent a bicycles.

Brochures and maps can be grab at the information centre which will be handy later.

For those who prefer riding a bicycle, you can rent them with a very minimal rate.  Rental of bicycle rates are like below:
Single Sitter 1 hour RM 2.00(Weekday) / RM 4.00 (Weekend)
Double Sitter(Tandem) 1 hour RM 4.00(Weekday) / RM 8.00 (Weekend)
Baby Carrier 1 hour RM 1.00(Weekday) / RM 2.00 (Weekend)

This is a definitely a great place for family day out, a scene captured during a father's day out with his children.

You can also select the tram ride which explore and discover Putrajaya Wetland with duration 20-30 minutes RM 4.00 Adult and RM 3 for school children. But this services need to be schedule and pre booked if possible.

Next main spot was the Look Out Tower.

You can feel the mesmerizing scenery at the Putrajaya Wetland's Lookout Tower, you must hike up this tower at least once, you can see the entire view of the wetland here. But the tower only allow 20 persons at the same time.

The TNB Power station at Putrajaya, you can view it when you on the tower.

Flamingo Pond, a place for you to analyse the behaviour of creature,beside flamingo birds, you can found some ducks here as well.

This is a great place for those who want to use their zoom lens. A worker is feeding the flamingo birds.

Some ducks also can be your model if you like.

A pair of duck couple found beside the Flamingo pond.

The flamingo birds always move as a group.

Putrajaya Wetland Park also provide you a venue hire services, you actually can rent the areas located at Wetland Park or Water Recreation park for your own event or activity.
Padang Semarak(main ground), Merbuk Ground, Flamingo Pond, Palm Garden, BBQ Shelter and etc are available for rental.

This is the main ground, Padang Semarak, it can occupied maximum up to 5000 pax with weekend rate RM 600 per hour.

This is a tunnel that link you to Merbuk Ground which shown below.

Merbuk Ground, it around 5,000 square feet that can occupied maximum 2,000 pax and with weekend rate RM 240 per hour.

If you are interested about the venue hire services, you may contact :

Putrajaya Wetland Information Centre
Presint 13, 62300 Putrajaya,
Tel: +603-88877773 / +603-88731364
Fax: +603-88875038

How to Go Putrajaya Wetland

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If you reached the botanic garden, you can follow the video below to reach the Putrajaya Wetland, do take a look because the signboard is a bit confusing. You need to keep right lane as shown in the video.

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